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Noel Edmonds and Project Reith explained

Noel Edmonds, NewsnightLast night Noel Edmonds – in all seriousness – revealed he planned to buy the BBC with the backing of a consortium.

Honest. We’re off the meth for Lent.

In the course of a probing interview conducted by Jeremy ‘Paxman’ Paxman, Noel stated his express intention to save the BBC from ‘sleepwalking’ into disaster. Which is the last thing the Beeb can be accused of, because it hasn’t slept very well since the farrago surrounding George Entwhistle’s time as Director General.

The very idea of purchasing the BBC, a vast institution respected the world over, is astonishing. However, Edmonds (and that Banker off Deal or No Deal) had thought everything through, and here’s a handy guide to explain how he plans to buy the Beeb:

edmondsexplained2Apart from not divulging who makes up the consortium, how much the BBC might be bought for, what would happen to the licence fee, job losses, what their plans would be post-purchase, and any other fact which might lend the proposal credibility, we did learn he and his pals had given their plan a cool codename: Project Reith.

What an afternoon up their treehouse that must have been. As more details emerge, we’ll do out best to hack through the dense minutiae his compelling plan contains.

What we did learn is that Noel doesn’t pay his licence fee, which he’s claimed before, and it remains less than mediocre PR for a self-proclaimed saviour of the BBC.



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