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Line of Duty: are there any clues in the cast’s tweets?

Line of Duty, BBC2The existence of a twist in the final episode of Line of Duty is as guaranteed as the existence of a twist in any M. Night Shyamalan film, story, or application for a conservatory.

With no previews to even tease what might happen in the finale to a series that has exceeded the first in every way, we are now analysing the cast’s tweets to find any spurious telling insights into the drama’s conclusion.

Keeley Hawes (@Misskeeleyhawes)

That smile might be because Keeley knows that she’s behind the ambush and we do not. Or it might be because she’s been told she can go home and wash her hair.

Vicky McClure (@Vicky_McClure)

Why might Vicky want to erase her memory? Is it because she now knows she won’t be in the third series due to a long stretch for organising the death of several coppers?

Martin Compston (@martin_compston)

Intriguing. Who might be taking a three wood to their posterior? Is Arse Golf a sport played by bent rozzers?

Allison McKenzie (@lamblypie)

Justice will prevail? What? Who’s Justice? Is the show introducing a brand new character right at the end? Oh, for crying out loud.



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