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Mammon: phrases you need to know for a Norwegian conspiracy drama


Entering any Nordic conspiracy thriller can be daunting, especially when you would swear that’s DS Arnott off Line of Duty. Unlike so many English language thrillers, Mammon doesn’t ask its audience to hold each other’s hand, form a crocodile, and then follow teacher.

The first episode revelled in plunging viewers into a straightforward but dull political embezzlement scandal. Just as you stifled a second yawn it emerged the hack behind the story, Peter, was exposing his own bent brother, Daniel.

One awkward family suicide and five years later, Peter is then reunited with his widowed sister-in-law to receive a mysterious box belonging to Peter, the contents of which led them to the scene of another businessman’s suicide.

This is all very odd, although par for the course over in Scandinavia. To help make sense of all this bizarro twistiness, here’s a phrasebook to guide you through a Norwegian conspiracy thriller.

Mammon1Oh dear, I seem to be in a Scandinavian conspiracy drama.

Oh dear, jeg synes å være i en skandinavisk konspirasjon drama.

Two suicides in one episode? That’s two less than a standard Norwegian sitcom.

To selvmord i en episode? Det er to mindre enn en standard norsk sitcom.

Did you see that car fly off the cliff? And then that bloke shoot himself?

Visste du at bilen fly utfor stupet? Og så at stripene skyte seg selv?

No, that’s not Steve from Line of Duty.

Nei, det er ikke Steve fra Line of Duty.

There seems to be a lot of political corruption about, doesn’t there?

Det synes å være en mye politisk korrupsjon om, gjør ikke det?

That hat will be the new Sarah Lund’s sweater.

At hatten blir ny Sarah Lunds genser.

Do any of you know Troels Hartmann or Birgitte from Borgen?

Har noen av dere vet Troels Hartmann eller Brigitte fra Borgen?

Does anyone know what’s going on?

Er det noen som vet hva som skjer?

That’s the fiercest Scandinavian haircut since Brigitte Nielsen in Beverly Hills Cop II.

Det er den voldsomste skandinavisk haircut siden Brigitte Nielsen i Beverly Hills Cop II.




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