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Tara Reid on Sharknado, Sharknado II, and Jedward

Sharknado. It’s the film that has both met and exceeded expectations, as this disaster film which combines a tornado with dozens of sharks has been a social media-fuelled sensation, with the film’s rating on Syfy in the USA increasing on its second and third screening. The Citizen Kane of films about a tornado that dumps sharks into the flooded … Continue reading

Al Murray explains the rules of war films

War, as strange as it sounds, has rules. Yet films about war lack rules and Al Murray has some very definite ideas what these principles should be when conflict is committed to the big screen. We spoke to Al Murray about what these guidelines for filmmakers should be, as in his new book Watching War … Continue reading

Game of Thrones stars Maisie Williams and Joe Dempsie on season three

To reunite former travelling companions Arya and Gendry from Game of Thrones, it took all of our magical prowess and some very dark spells to bring them together once more. Exhausted from hours of spell casting, we were then a bit miffed to learn they were also on hand at the launch of the show’s third season … Continue reading

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Jessica de Gouw on Dracula

Here’s an out there concept that may take a while to absorb, so brew a pot of tea and prepare to have your mind blown. This new Sky Living drama, Dracula (Thursday 31 October, 9pm), concerns something called a ‘vampire’ who moves to London and… What’s that? You’ve heard this all before? Not according to … Continue reading

Jessica Knappett on Drifters, Halloween, and sparrows

The girls, not the boys, are back in the town at the start of E4’s new comedy Drifters (Thursday 31 October, 9pm), as Meg (Jessica Knappett) and Bunny (Lydia Rose Bewley) return to Leeds after a gap year and find that bright future they’d looked towards is now the present. And it’s a bit rubbish. Jessica spoke … Continue reading

Nikki Amuka-Bird on Luther, Ruth Wilson, and vintage clothes

Thunderstorms won’t dampen the mood of the nation as much as reaching the end of the fourth series of the superlative Luther. Ahead of the final episode, we spoke to Nikki Amuka-Bird, who plays undercover copper Erin, about playing a character the audience isn’t too keen on, what it’s like to look into Alice’s eyes, and if … Continue reading

David Morrissey on The Governor, survival tips, and Liverpool FC

If there’s someone you should pay attention to when it comes to advice on how to survive in a post-zombie apocalypse environment it’s David Morrissey, as his role of the Governor in The Walking Dead (Friday 18 October, 10pm) has demanded he consider how best to protect his kin and provide for them. David shared … Continue reading

The Originals: Joseph Morgan on Klaus, New Orleans, and viking werewolves

New Orleans has had enough trouble to contend with recently, so it could really do without the return of Klaus to his former home town in Syfy’s The Originals and his subsequent struggle to win the city back from a rival. Joseph Morgan, who plays the charming if a tad homicide-friendly Klaus, spoke to us … Continue reading

Ben Daniels on The Paradise, lying and shopping,

Home shopping has never been more enjoyable or glamorous than a trip to The Paradise on BBC1 (20 October, 8pm) and this series Ben Daniels joins the cast playing, well, someone who might not give you a hand with your bags if you were struggling. How much do you like shopping then? [laughs] I love it. I love … Continue reading

Stephen Merchant on Hello Ladies, Hollywood, and breaking his neck

‘We were stunned by Merchant’s bravery’ is how we feel obligated to begin our introduction to our interview with Stephen Merchant, which becomes clear as we discuss his new Sky Atlantic comedy Hello Ladies, the weirdness of LA, and pop stars eating fruit. So, do you come here often? Here? Well, do you just come … Continue reading

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